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Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm - 10-Year Life

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  • Alarm responds quicker to high levels of carbon monoxide
  • Loud alarm
  • Sealed in battery never needs to be replaced
  • Loud alarm
  • Premium quality and reliability - 10 year warranty and alarm life
  • Sealed in battery never needs to be replaced and will last the full life of the alarm

What is carbon monoxide?

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless, tastless and lethal by product from burning fuel for cooking or heating.
  • Toxic CO levels can occur suddenly or accumulate slowly over time.
  • That's why Kidde alarms utilise technology that is equally effective unde both conditions.
  • Kidde alarms monitor CO levels continously and are designed to sound an alarm whenever potentially dangerous CO conditions occur.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Response Times:

  • This Kidde Carbon Monoxide alarm meets response time requirements as follows:
  • At 50 ppm, unit must alarm within 60-90 minutes
  • At 100 ppm, unit must alarm within 10-40 minutes
  • At 300 ppm, unit must alarm within 3 minutes

Common sources of Carbon Monoxide:

  • Car left running in attached garage
  • Clogged chimney
  • Corroded or disconnected water heater vent pipe
  • Gas or wood burning fireplace
  • Cracked or loose boiler flue
  • Improperly installed gas cooker, hob or hood
  • Operating a grill indoors or in a garage
  • Portable paraffin or gas heaters

End of Life Notification: Provides 10 years of continuous operation

  • Afterwards, this device will automatically alert you that it is time to replace the alarm (see User Guide for additional instructions)
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