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Eden Monarch Greenhouses

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  • The Monarch has a low threshold built in base running around the perimeter of the greenhouse but the doorway is left clear so that access with a wheelchair is easy.
  • The Monarch is strengthened with extra bracing at the eaves, ridge and sides and features large double doors that open outwards giving easy access for wheelbarrows and large plant trays.
  • Sizes Available: 10' x 12', 10' x 16', 10' x 20'
  • Colours Available: Green, Silver
  • Glazing Available: Horticultural Glass, Safety Glass, Polycarbonate.
  • Simply select your preferred choices below to start building your greenhouse online.

The Eden Monarch is a large greenhouse that allows you the flexibility to grow a variety of different plants. It also has enough space for a small table and chairs from where you can enjoy your greenhouse in comfort.

  • One big advantage of the Monarch is that there is no door lip which makes it ideal for wheelchair and wheelbarrow access. The wide double-hinged door is also very high and can be opened from both sides. It can also be locked.
  • The Monarch, in either a mill or a green finish, has an integral base which makes it easy to assemble. It has additional side and roof bracing for added strength. You can choose between three different glazing options - 3mm horticultural glass, 3mm toughened glass and 6mm polycarbonate.

Specification and sizes:

  12ft Model  14ft Model  16ft Model  20ft Model 
Overall Size 12m2 14m2 16m2 20m2
Overall length 379.6cm 441.4cm 503.2cm 626.8cm
Eaves height 143.5cm 143.5cm 143.5cm 143.5cm
Ridge height 259cm 259cm 259cm 259cm
Roof vents 4 6 6 8

Eden Monarch

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