USTM In-Line Granulated Activated Carbon Cartridge

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  • Water filter cartridge
  • In-line cartridge
  • Eliminates chlorine and organic substances
  • Improves taste and smell of water
USTM In-Line Granulated Activated Carbon Cartridge

  • Modern in-line cartridge with coconut shell granulated activated carbon.
  • It removes undesired contaminants from water extremely effectively and improves water taste and flavour.

  • Connection: 1/4" quick connection
  • Service life (depending on water quality): max 6 (months)
  • Working temperature: 2-40 (ºC)
  • Max. working pressure: 6 bar
  • Max. flow rate: 3,5l/min
  • Dimensions( len. x dia.): 10" X 2"
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