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UniBond 2 In 1 Mini Moisture Absorber - With Lavender Scent

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  • Highly absorbent crystals
  • Absorbs moisture and releases a lavender scent
  • Ideal for confined spaces like cloakrooms & wardrobes
  • Long lasting - up to 8 weeks

UniBond 2 In 1 Mini Moisture Absorber - With Lavender Scent

  • Excess moisture, particularly in confined spaces with low air circulation, can generate bad smells condensation and mould.
  • It can also damage your favourite clothes and belongings.
  • The Unibond MIni Moisture Absorber has highly absorbent crystals that extract excess moisture from the air.
  • The excess moisture is then converted into a solution which collects in the tank of the device.

How to use:

  1. Lift the cover
  2. Remove the aluminium foil
  3. Replace the cover
  4. Disposal: after all crystals have dissolved, pour the solution collected in the tank into the toliet and dispose of the empty UniBond Mini moisture absorber into the recycling bin for plastic (check local recycling)
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