Dylon All-In-One Fabric Dye Pod - 07 Peony Pink

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  • All-in-one fabric dye
  • Easy to use
  • Just place pod in the drum
  • Colour: Peony Pink

Dylon All-In-One Fabric Dye Pod - 07 Peony Pink

Product information:

  • DYLON Fabric Dyes are easy-to-use and completely safe for your washing machine!
  • All-in-1 formula to revive or change the colour of your clothes and soft furnishings.
  • This washing machine dye provides perfect, long-lasting and intense colour results.


  • Peony Pink - With all the delicate elegance of Grace Kelly, you’ll find Peony Pink has a gentle charm worthy of any blushing beauty. Wear this shade in pretty outfits or introduce it in your bedroom or conservatory.

How To Use:

  1. Put damp fabric into the drum. Remove sleeve, peel off lid and put the DYLON colour pod on top of the fabric.
  2. Run full cycle (30°C or 40°C).
  3. Run another cycle (30°C or 40°C) – with detergent
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