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Salt Lamps & Accessories

Himalayan Salt Lamps: 

The warm orange glow given off from Himalayan Salt lamps is not the only benefit of thse lamps. The Himalayan Salt of these lamps cleanses and purifies the air by absorbing excess moisture and foreign particles in the air. This reduction in pollutants and allergens in turn improves breathing and health, such as asthma and stress. They have been said to reduce the amount of positive ions produced from computers and electrical appliances, also providing a health benefit.

Selenite Lamps: 

The Selenite crystal is well known to have healing powers. These healing powers are said to be mental healing powers. The crystal can help with mental clarity, balance and in reducing negativity from spirit and mind.  In reducing the negativity in the mind, it is said that these Selenite lamps can help with the reduction of pain.Aside from these great health benefits the lamps looks white, pure and natural.