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Rustins Brush Cleaner - 300ml

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  • Cleans wet paint, varnishes and polyurethane from brushes & rollers
  • Also degreases car engines, bodywork and clothes
  • 300ml

  • Cleaning brushes and rollers: Pour a little into a glass jar or tin and work into brush or roller. Press brush up and down to ensure the Brush Cleaner mixes with the paint that has worked its way up to the stock. Wash with water. 
  • If all paint is not removed, squeeze out water and repeat process. To clean water trays, apply Brush Cleaner with a brush and work well into the paint before rinsing with water.
  • Clean engines and car bodies:  Brush liberally over cool engine and hose off with water. Remove grease on bodywork by applying with a brush or cloth, hosing or sponging off with water.
  • Removing wet paint & grease from clothes carpets etc: Work Brush Cleaner well into fabric with a stiff nail or scrubbing brush, rinsing out immediately with clean water, or if from a carpet, with a sponge and clean water until all the Brush Cleaner and dissolved paint is removed.
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