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Hi there! Welcome to the Lenehans blog. Here you'll will find useful information on both products we sell and how-to's and DIY tips.

...if you find any of the information interesting or indeed would like us to post on a particular subject... please leave a comment and let us know :


  1. What is Anti-Climb Paint?

    What is Anti-Climb Paint?
  2. Silver or Pewter?

    Silver or Pewter?
  3. Selenite Lamps & Candle Holders

    Selenite Lamps & Candle Holders
  4. Radiator Bleeding

    Radiator Bleeding
  5. How to choose a Greenhouse?

    How to choose a Greenhouse?
  6. Fire Blankets

    Fire Blankets
  7. Doorbell Transformers

    Doorbell Transformers
  8. Vernier Caliper Gauge

    Vernier Caliper Gauge
  9. Sandpaper Grit & Grades

    Sandpaper Grit & Grades
  10. HACCP Colour Coding For Cleaning

    HACCP Colour Coding For Cleaning

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