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We all know the saying, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!” but is the reality that there are really bedbugs lurking in mattresses and beds around Ireland?


Bed bug sprays, bed bug powder and bed bug traps are very popular items in our store. They are frequently bought online and in store. So unfortunately, the bedbugs really do bite.


What are bed bugs?


Bed bug are tiny. They can range in size from a length of 2mm which is barely visible to the human eye, to a length of 4.5mm. It would often be very difficult to see them as they like to hide. They hide in mattresses and the crevices in wood and flooring.


Bed bugs are parasitic insects. They feed from human and animal blood. They are attracted by the warmth in the bedding area and the carbon dioxide from warm breathe. When asleep in bed, a bed bug can appear and bite without the person knowing. The bite is painless. The effects show up later, sometimes days later, when the skin appears red and blotchy and at times itchy.


Bed bugs are not known to carry diseases, therefore their bites are not infectious. However no-one likes to be blotchy and itchy.

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Why do bed bugs appear?


Bed bugs can readily appear in your home as they like to travel.


Bed bugs can be transported into your home through used furniture. They will live in beds and surrounding areas, so they can travel on luggage, sofas, bed frames, cabinets, purses and bedding.


They are so small that they can fit into cracks and crevices, so they can crawl through walls between apartments or from room to room.

As bed bugs can be so small and difficult to spot many people will not know that an item contains bed bugs when they are transporting it. Thus, making travel for these little creatures a lot easier.


When do Bedbugs appear?


With bed bugs natural habitat being the warmth of a bed, they are not affected by the seasons like many other insects and animals. They do not hibernate.


The Summer Season tends to encourage more people to travel as they jet off on holidays. For this reason, summer can be a time when the bed bugs will land in your room. However, they will be active all year round and can make an unwelcome appearance at any time of year.


How to get rid of bedbugs


To get rid of bed bugs firstly you must be aware of the problem.


You will know all about it when they start biting and you wake to unsightly red blotches.


If you can’t see them how else will you know they are there?


Bed bugs will leave their mark if you look for it. This can look like peppering on the bed, black marks where they have left their droppings. You may see little blood spots on the mattress. If you really look for them you may just see one crawling around.


There are many ways to tackle bed bugs.


Fight the urge to throw all bedding and furniture away when they are discovered.


Professionals can be called out who will deal with the problem.


Alternatively, remove them yourself by visiting us in store to view the many products we stock designed to kill bed bugs or check out Bed Bug Killers online at


It can also be an idea to remove the amount of places that they can lurk by sealing any cracks or crevices in the bedding area with sealant, thus reducing their hiding places.