Benefits of Salt Lamp Foot Detox
The benefits of Himalayan Salt as an air purifier is quite well known these days. What is less widely known is how a Himalayan Salt Lamp Foot Detoxer can be of benefit to our feet?

Our bodies require sodium / salt. It helps with muscle contractions, helps with sending nerve impulses through our body and it helps regulate our bodily fluids.

Himalayan Salt Lamps warm glowing light can have a calming effect on it’s own but its great benefits exist in its natural salt source.

When the light is on and the lamp is heated the salt lamps sweat, moistening the Himalyan Salt on the surface. When you place your feet on the surface your feet may also sweat. This binding of the salt and the body will act as a cleansing process. The salt attracts toxins from the skin's surface pulling them and removing them while at the same time the skin absorbs the minerals and vital nutrients of the Himalayan Salt.

The feet are said to have zones that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. The salt purification process of the Himalayan Salt Lamp Foot Detox has been said to open up pathways and dispel negative energy which can improve concentration and circulation.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp Foot Detoxer has also been said to work wonders on tired hands.

A natural way to relax, cleanse and purify.