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Fires don’t care about the environment. They will break out anywhere and different situations require a different method to deal with the fire.


There are many ways to fight a fire.


A Fire Blanket should be used when water or liquid could aggravate the fire.


A fire started by cooking fats or oils or a fire started by electricity should not be tended to with water or foam. This will only aggravate the fire and make things worse. Adding water or foam to an electric fire could cause the person fighting the fire to be badly electrocuted.


Fire blankets should be used on:


  • Class F fire: Cooking fats and oils


  • (Formerly*) Class E fire: Electrical


* European standards EN2 no longer classify an electrical fire as electricity itself doesn’t burn it just ignites everything around it. Electricity can be switched off and the fire will continue.


Where to store:


A Fire Blanket should be stored in every household kitchen.


It should be stored somewhere easily accessible and preferably somewhere visible. In times of emergency, chaos can take over and what seems like an obvious and accessible place may not be so. It is also wise to remember that although the fire blanket should be placed somewhere that can be easily reached in case of a fire, it should not be in a place where it may be consumed by the fire itself i.e right next to the kitchen stove.


It is a good idea to read the instructions that come with your fire blanket, so that in times of emergency it will come almost naturally to you when you need to use the fire blanket.


What it does:


A fire blanket covers the flames starving the fire of oxygen, which it needs to burn.


Fire blankets are treated so that they are completed flame & fire retardant.


With their flame retardant properties fire blankets are also great for wrapping round people, either to douse the flames or if in an emergency exit someone needs to be carried out of a burning building.


Fire can happen anywhere and at any time - be safe and keep a fire blanket handy.