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Most of us are now quite aware of Himalayan Salt Lamps and their benefits.


Himalayan Salt Lamps are formed from pink sea salt that is mined from deep underground mines in the seabed.


Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to have physical health benefits. It is said that the salt absorbs moisture from the air and whilst doing this it absorbs dust particles and bacteria etc. In filtering healthier air this provides for healthier breathing and less cold and flu’s etc.


Now let us introduce you to Selenite Lamps and candle holders.


Selenite is a white or translucent crystal.


The crystal Selenite is well known to have mystical and healing powers.


Where Himalayan Salt Lamps have physical health benefits, Selenite Lamps have mental health benefits.


As with everything, different things affect people differently.


Selenite Lamps are formed liked standing stones; pure, white and natural. The glow from within emanates from one central point. It can feel as powerful to some as a sunset on a quiet calm. To others it may just bring a warm calming feeling.


If you imagine life as a whole. All of it's chaos. All of the clutter. All of the rush and the hustle and bustle. The Selenite Lamp is said to bring all of that to one calm central point.


How can a lamp do that?


It can be hard to describe a feeling and most people today require scientific proof before they will begin to believe anything, but Selenite has been said to have the quality to go beyond the conscious and tap into your subconscious feelings. It has even been said that it can bring you to a more spiritual realm and reduce all negativity


How much of that you will believe will be different from person to person.


So why would anyone want to own a Selenite Lamp?


Aside from the fact that they are really pretty and natural looking lamps, people who are looking for clarity, balance and some peace should really consider the addition of a Selenite Lamp or candle holder to their home or office.


Selenite has been said to have the ability to restore energy. It has the ability to cleanse negativity from spirit and mind. It’s qualities allow for better insight and thus it assists in judgement. The crystal aids in the ability to have a conscious understanding of what is occurring at a subconscious level.


Selenite's qualities are said to be powerful in dispersing negativity and confusion which in turns helps with erratic emotions.


Some say that crystal Selenite lamps can be effective in easing the suffering of chronic illness such as chronic pain syndrome, chronic fatigue, skin disorders, back or other chronic pain. It has been said that as the crystal Selenite can restore balance, this helps in gaining a clearer picture of what may be causing the pain and negativity in life.


At Lenehans we are not doctors, but the lamps do seem to give off a calming feel. Experience it yourself and see if you will notice the benefits.