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What is sugru

Sugru is a multi-purpose mouldable glue.

To have a better understanding of what it is and how it looks and feels think Blu-Tack.

Who is Sugru

Sugru was invented by an Irish student, Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh, who was studying Product Design in London at the time.

She spent many years working on the idea and improving it until one day a Youtube video of the product sprung the new invention into the public eye.

The name Sugru is taken from the Irish word ‘Súgradh’. The word means ‘to play or have fun’. It can be pronounced as ‘sue-grew’ which is where Sugru sprung from.

Jane says “Instead of buying new stuff all the time, we believe in using our imagination to fix, improve and reimagine the things we already have”

A really cool idea, we at Lenehans think!

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Sugru Uses / benefits

  • Sugru is waterproof.
  • It is resistant to heat of up to 180°C and to cold of -50°C.
  • It will bond to glass, ceramic, wood, metal, most plastics (not polypropylene or Teflon) and lots more.
  • It can hold some serious weight of up to 2Kg / 4.4lb.
  • Sugru is dishwasher proof, weatherproof, saltwater-proof and can even be used for electrical insulation.

With its electrical insulation properties Sugru can be used to fix broken cables. Though care should always be taken when dealing with electrical items and it is recommended to only use for repairs on items below 24 volts.

Mount bathroom fitting without the need for drills, fill gaps and repair washing machine seals!

All of this and Sugru also gives you a choice of colour to pick from.

How is Sugru different to Blu-Tack?

If, after reading all of these Sugru benefits you are still wondering, “What makes Sugru any different to the good old Blu-Tack we all know?” it can be understood that Blu-Tack is a re-usable adhesive that sticks and bonds things and can be used over and over but Sugru is more like a mouldable glue that sets. It can be moulded for up to 30 minutes but then it sets and holds strong.

A great idea with so many different uses and even better, it was invented by an Irish woman.