Summer arrives and so do the creepy crawlies.


This year we’ve noticed a rise in the amount of moths people are having to deal with.


Moths generally fly into the home through open doors and windows but they can sneak in also. They can be carried in accidentally on food and clothing.


Moths are not harmful to humans in anyway. They can not sting or bite.


The main problem with moths is that a female moth can lay up to 150 eggs at one time. They can hatch as quickly as in 5 days.

When hatched these larvae feed on natural fibres. Some people tend to think that moth damage is a thing of the past as the fabrics people wear nowadays are a lot different. People wear much less silk and a lot more synthetic material. Though these moth larvae will feed on carpet fibres, rugs, drapes, upholstery. 


Moth Larvae


What is likely for the increase in Moth activity is that our winter wasn’t especially cold this year. This milder weather and improved insulation in housing means that moths have had a better chance of survival. The moths have had somewhere warm to go to lay their eggs. The female may lay her eggs before dying but these larvae will not become moths for a long time and so can lay undetected whilst growing.


The best solution to a moth problem is prevention.

Besides regular cleaning and vacuuming,
We have many products in store to fight the problem.

Our products can kill eggs, larvae and the flying insects. So worry not!