what are lawn aerators used for?

The technique of perforating your grass (dotting it with small holes) to enhance the passage of oxygen, water, and nutrients to plant roots is known as aeration. 

Aerating your lawn minimizes soil compaction, allowing weak roots to grow long and strong resulting in healthier, greener grass. Aeration loosens the soil, allowing roots to dig deeper and grow more densely. Your grass will stay healthy, green, and growing enthusiastically if you aerate it on a regular basis.

When is the best time to aerate your lawn?

Autumn is the optimum time to aerate your lawn since it will assist develop a strong, healthy foundation for your grass the following season. Reduce soil compaction, strengthen the root system, and promote air and water circulation by aerating your land in the fall. Fall aeration is beneficial because it improves airflow before weeds germinate in the spring.

Signs that your lawn needs aeration:

Your lawn's surface is spongy and quickly dries.

  • The soil is firm to the touch.
  • Grass is thinned or infected with diseases such as brown patch.
  • During rainstorms, your yard doesn't drain properly (water is forming puddles instead of being absorbed by the soil)
  • If your home is new, construction activities might remove topsoil and compact the layer beneath it.
  • Your lawn receives a lot of foot traffic or is used for sports.
  • Your yard is frequently used by children and pets.


Methods of aeration


  • Core aeration: One of the most prevalent types of lawn aeration is core aeration. To help the soil spread, core aeration means inserting two- to three-inch prongs every few inches. This method helps properties with badly compacted soil by dispersing it and allowing for improved airflow. You can use an aerifier or a spading fork to aerate your grass by hand.


  • Spike aeration: As the name implies, spike aeration involves using a spike to create holes and punctures in your lawn. This method does not include the removal and redistribution of soil. To make room, it instead pushes the dirt deeper into the ground. Spike aeration is not recommended for extremely compacted soil or yards since it compacts the soil even more. In general, before overseeding or fertilizing, we recommend spike aeration.


  • Liquid aeration includes employing a fortified liquid solution to create microscopic holes that assist absorb and hold moisture. This solution helps loosen the soil and provide airflow by breaking down dense or compacted particles. Liquid lawn aeration has the advantage of being less physically taxing and without damaging anything underground.


Benefits of lawn aeration

Aeration has numerous advantages for your grass and the surrounding ecosystem.

  • Roots extend out, strengthen, and develop more thickly and vigorously, improving grass health and root growth.
  • Your grass will be greener and denser.
  • Permeable soil enables rainfall to seep into the earth rather than rushing into streams and polluting the aquatic ecosystem.
  • Thick grass with a robust, deep root system reduces erosion risk.
  • Increasing your grass's disease resistance requires access to oxygen and nutrients.
  • Aeration improves drainage and increases microbial activity, which helps dissolve thatch, reducing the need for a dethatcher or power rake.
  • Longer, denser roots help your grass withstand dry conditions.
  • You won't have to water your grass as often or as deeply if the soil is more permeable.
  • Denser, healthier grass prevents and outcompetes weeds.
  • Nitrogen and potassium deficits are prevalent in compacted soil grasses, and these deficiencies need the use of more fertilizer. Aeration aids grasses in obtaining the nutrients they require organically.
  • In porous, oxygen-rich soil, earthworms, soil insects, aerobic bacteria, and fungus thrive. They'll rapidly return to help maintain soil health once your soil has been aerated.

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