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Anti-Climb paint? What has climbing got to do with paint?


Anti-Climb paint is the name given to a specially developed paint designed to prevent people and intruders climbing on walls and lamp posts.


How it does this is quite simple.



How does it work?


This specialized paint is made from a thick oily substance which, unlike standard paints, does not dry.


Anti-Climb paint can remain in this state without the need for a re-coat for up to 3 years.


The benefit of this is that surfaces will be left slippery, preventing people from climbing. The wet paint will also mark hands and clothing should someone attempt to climb. Thus, marking out the would-be intruder.



Do I need a permit?


Although this is a great way to prevent intruders from accessing your property, it is not okay for you to be the cause of unintentionally damaging a passer-by’s clothing or property. This could land you in trouble. The answer to this is signage. If you coat your walls or the surfaces of your property in Anti-Climb paint and then put up clearly visible signs to warn the public and passer-by’s that there is Anti-Climb / Anti-Intruder paint on the walls, you have covered yourself.


Anti Climb Warning Sign Image


Something which you may not consider when applying your Anti-Climb paint... passing cats and dogs and the neighbours pets! These will also need to be protected from accidentally being coated in paint and unfortunately the use of signs will be no good to them. Therefore, it is advised to begin painting some distance from the base of the wall, a safe distance that will allow for animals brushing past the wall when out for their walks and, of course, you will need to think of those people who just do not notice the sign. The people who may not have had their morning coffee yet and accidentally lean against the wall.


How to apply the paint?


Apply the paint with a stiff paint brush or a lambswool mitt.


The paint is designed for use on wood, metal or masonry.


The spreading rate can depend on the porosity of the surface you are painting on and for some bare or new surfaces it may be advised to use a Solvent Based Floor Sealer before painting your first layer.


It is recommended that you begin painting at least 2 metres (6-8ft) from the ground so that no innocent passers-by are affected. From this height you know that someone really is trying to climb. Keeping this in mind and remembering to put signs up to notify people of the presence of the Anti-Climb / Anti-Intruder paint you can feel safe and protected whilst taking all the correct precautions.