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USTM Drawstring PP5 Yarn Cartridge Water Filter

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  • Drawstring pads are made of the highest quality polypropylene yarn.
  • Very effective in removing sediment from water.
  • Size: 10"

USTM Drawstring PP5 Yarn Cartridge Water Filter

  • Polypropylene yarn cartridge removes from water:
  • Sand
  • Rust
  • Sludge
  • Carbon dust
  • Other mechanical contaminents from the water.
  • Size: 10"
  • Capacity: 25l/min (set to a unused cartridge).
  • Recommended service-life: Up to 6 months / up to 14000l (depending on water quality)
  • Dimensions: 255±1 x 55±0.5 mm
  • 2 - 45°C

How it works:

  • Contaminated water flows through the cartridge towards its core. 
  • The sediments contained in it are retained by micropores, whose diameter decreases towards the interior. 
  • Large particles are captured at the surface, while small ones in deeper layers. 
  • This increases the effective surface, filtration efficiency and cartridge life.
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