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DOTS Extra Power White Vinegar Trigger Spray 500ml

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DOTS Extra Power White Vinegar Trigger Spray 500ml

DOTS Extra Power White Vinegar is natural, economical and environmentally responsible. Perfect for glass & mirror cleaning, surface cleaning and laundry stain removal, it’s safe to use all around your home. The extra strength means you can make larger quantities of quality cleaning agent as you don't need so much white vinegar to create a strong mix.

Surface Cleaning & Descaling: Spray the vinegar onto surfaces with water stains and limescale deposits. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Wipe to a streak free, shiny finish with a paper towel or cloth. Suitable for glass, mirrors, windscreens, sinks, baths, and work surfaces (excluding natural stone and marble). Descaling Kettles: Pour vinegar to cover the elements or plate. Heat the water and watch limescale fizz away. Rinse thoroughly and discard the water. Fill with tap water, boil, and discard again. Descaling Coffee Machines: Run white vinegar through an empty machine. Repeat with clean water to remove traces. Also works for taps, shower heads, irons, and dishwashers.

Vinegar also removes hardwater deposits and tide marks from baths, sinks and toilets.

Refill your DOTS Extra Power White Vinegar Spray Bottle with the 1L bottle. 

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