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Silca Graphite Dry Lock Lubricant

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Silca Graphite Dry Lock Lubricant

SILCA Lock Lubricant is a natural dry graphite lubricant and been used for many years to lubricate locks, latches and hinges for long lasting, smooth operation. It is electrically conductive and sometimes used in brushed motors to lubricate and provide electrical conductivity.

A silvery black, dry and free flowing powder of high purity natural crystalline. This grade of natural graphite is highly suitable for lubrication purposes and as a release agent.

Use regularly to keep all locks, hinges and bolts lubricated and working smoothly. Helps prevent sticking due to dirt build up, wear, lock outs, sticking and corrosion. It's Grease-less, odorless and weatherproof.

Spirit based products like WD40 attract dirt and dust. Over time they have been known to damage paintwork. Supplied in a easy to use dispensing puffer dispenser.

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