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HG Kitchen Drain Unblocker - 1L

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  • For persistent blockages caused by fat and food remnants
  • Professional enzyme formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Size: 1L
HG Kitchen Drain Unblocker - 1L
  • HG kitchen drain unblocker makes quick work of persistent blockages in the sink.
  • The sink can become blocked because of rinsing away food remnants, fat and oil.
  • The sink unblocker liquid works on the basis of natural enzymes and microbes which eat through the blockage as it were and therefore always deal with any kind of blockage.
  • Size: 1L

Directions for use:
  1. Allow some lukewarm water to run into the blocked sink before treatment.
  2. Pour 300ml of the HG kitchen drain unblocker onto the drain of the blocked sink. 
  3. Now pour down the same amount of lukewarm water in order to activate the enzymes and microbes in the unblocker. 
  4. Leave the kitchen drain unblocker for 6 to 8 hours to do its job before running water down the drain again. 
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