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HG Tough Job Floor Glue Remover - 750ml

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  • An extra-strong and super-quick working glue remover which is suitable for removal of the most stubborn glue and glue residues, such as:
  • Both solvent and water based glues
  • Glues for carpets, linoleum, vinyl and PVC
  • Glues for wooden or cork floors, floor tiles and other wall and floor coverings
  • Fix and mounting glue
  • HG Floor Glue Remover does not contain hazardous ingredients such as methylene chloride and methanol both of which are extremely environmentally unfriendly 
  • Can be applied without problem to nearly all surfaces (e.g. wood, metal and concrete)

Directions for use:

  1. First test on a small and inconspicuous area of the surface
  2. Cut carpet etc. into strips and roll up
  3. (Vinyl) floor covering that does not come loose should first be perforated using a pricking roller or a similar tool. The floor glue remover must be able to penetrate well into glue layer in order to remove it
  4. Remaining glue should be well covered with HG floor glue remover using a brush, for example
  5. After 10-15 minutes scrape off the glue using a filing knife
  6. Repeat the treatment, if necessary, allowing more time to work
  7. Finally, rinse the surface with water and allow it to dry before applying a new wall or floor covering
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