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Kingavon Electronic Insect Killer

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Kingavon Electronic Insect Killer

    • This easy to use insect killer will attract flies, moths, midges & mosquitoes using ultra violet light to lure them into an electronically charged metal grid, destroying them quickly & hygienically.
    • The dead insects are collected in the screw-in removable tray at the base of the unit.
    • It is powered by household mains & comes complete with fitted plug.
    • Ideal for use in the home, pet areas, food preparation areas, shops & factories etc.
    • Lamp Type: 1 Watt Grid
    • Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
    • CE Approved
    • Most effective against Bluebottle flies (Blowflies), Cluster flies, wasps, moths, midges, mosquitoes, gnats.
    • Please note that UV lights are not effective at attracting Houseflies, Lesser Houseflies and Fruit flies who are only attracted to decaying matter.

Fly Killer Positioning:

    • Do not place the fly trap near a source of natural light (windows, skylights, etc.) as it will reduce the attraction to the UV tubes.
    • Try to position your fly killers between the fly entry points and the food / sensitive areas.
    • Most species of flying insects move around the lower parts of a room. Position your units not higher than 2 metres where possible.
    • Keep your electric fly killer away from air conditioning units, heaters, and fans as they will reduce performance of the machine.
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