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KleenKnit Kettle Limescale Collector

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KleenKnit Kettle Limescale Collector

Limescale is caused by the prescence of dissolved calcium and magnesium salts in water.

To eliminate this limescale..

  • Place the KleenKnitTM Limescale Collector in any type of kettle
  • The salts, that are more prevalent in 'hard water' areas, will be deposited on the limescale collector as the water boils
  • Made from stainless steel wire, therefore hygienic
  • As the kettle is kept free from deposits this reduces boiling time, energy costs, preserves the life of the element and improves taste

Purifies - for better taste
Efficient - reduces boiling time
Safe - hygienic and chemical free
Cost Saving - reduces energy and extends kettle life

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