PestClear 4000 Pest Repeller

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  • Repels mice, rats & crawling insects
  • Repels spiders too!
  • Safe near children and family pets
  • One unit covers large house up to 370 sq. metres (4,000 sq. feet)
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  • New more powerful, slimline pest repeller for rats, mice & crawling insects.
  • The Pest Clear 4000 is capable of clearing pests from houses as large as 4000 square feet.
  • Couldn't be easier to use - just plug it into an unobstructed socket anywhere in the house and follow the setting instructions.
  • Seperate settings for rodents, crawling insects & Spiders.
  • Energy saving setting keeps running costs down to a few pence a month.
  • Ultrasound frequency disrupts normal breeding and nesting behaviour of rodents.
  • Pet-safe setting to allow use when rodent pets are present.
  • Super slim contemporary design.

Set Electro-Magnetic:

  • Normal - Repeating cycle where the red light is ON for about 10 mins, then OFF for the next 10 mins
  • Boost - Red LED flashes

Ultrasound Settings:

  • Rodent - 26 KHz. Blue LED flashes
  • Insect - 40 KHz. Blue LED steady
  • Spider - 50 KHz. Blue LED flashes quickly

Note: Ultrasound signal is most effective in the room where the unit is plugged in.

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