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Rentokil Carpet Moth & Beetle Killer Powder

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  • Provide fast, effective control of carpet moths, carpet beetles, and ants in the home
  • It kills eggs, larvae and adult insects
  • Carpet Moth and Beetle Killer Powder is ideal for carpets, rugs, fabrics and under furniture
  • Contains Permethrin

Rentokil Carpet Moth & Beetle Killer Powder

  • Fast and effective control of carpet moths and carpet beetles (and other insects) in the home.

Directions for use:

  • After removing the cap, point the container towards the area to be treated and squeeze gently.
  • Puff lightly and evenly over surfaces, particularly around areas  that have been eaten bare or that show signs of being eaten.
  • Puff around carpet edges where needed.
  • Leave for at least 30 minutes thenremove by vacuum cleaner.
  • Repeat treatment as necessary.


  • Do not apply powder to pets.
  • Do not use in wet locations.
  • Some careful shaking of the pack may be necessary during treatment to ensure powder flows properly.
  • For best results, leave down as long as possible, several hours is ideal.

Other insect pests: ants and other insects:

  • Apply the powder to ant nest entrances and to surfaces, crevices and other harbourages where ants and other insects are present.
  • Leave down as long as possible or vacuum up if you need to remove the powder.
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