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SupaHome Retractable Clothes Line - 15m

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SupaHome Retractable Clothes Line - 15m


  • Retractable Cothes Line
  • PVC Coated Line
  • Length: 15 Metres

Instructions For Use:

  • Attach the body of the clothes line reel to an approriate upright surface (usually a wall) using screws
  • The metal bracket will act as a positioning guide for the screws to be correctly positioned
  • Ensure that the unit is the correct way up (cleat pegs towards the ground)
  • Ensure the screws are adequate for the job, and are securely fixed.
  • It is better to use stainless, or brass or bright plated screws for outdoor applications
  • The hook designed to accept the line end fixing (the metal ring at the end of the clothes line) should be fixed to another upright surface, also using approriate wall fixings
  • Lead the line from the body of the reel to the hook, and put the line end fixing ring over the hook
  • Returning to the plastic body of the reel, take a length of the line and wrap 2 runs around the cleat on the bottom of the reel to stop the line from extending any further
  • You may need to practice to get an approriate line tension
  • After use unhook the line from the retaining hook, and allow the line to retract slowly into the reel
  • Do not allow the line to retract too quickly, as it may cause injury, or damage to the reel
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