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Set Of 8 Wicks

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Set Of 8 Wicks

Set Of 8 Wicks

These wicks can readily be replaced after removal of the complete burner assembly which is secured by 4 screws. Remove the screws and gently lift of the burner assembly at the same time disengaging the safety mechanism arm from the foot.

The assembly should be held above the dish to catch any fuel which drips off the wick tails. Turn the assembly upside down and remove each wick in turn by closing together the tags which hold the wick carriers to the carrier plate.

The replacement wicks are already fitted with wick carriers and can now be entered into the wick tubes. Pass the tags on the carrier through the slot in the carrier plate and open them up. When all eight wicks are fitted, check that they wind up and down freely and that when fully up they are approximately 1/2" through the burner wick.

The lower ends of the wicks should now be brought together and secured with the tie or clip provided.

Replace the assembly into the heater after checking that the rubber seal is correctly positioned and not damaged.

Ensure that the safety mechanism passes through the hole in the foot.

Screw up 4 screws firmly using normal pressure. #make sure that the safety mechanism woks correctly. Replace the apron assembly and the heater is ready for use.

Allow the new wick to soak for half and hour before lighting.

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