The Vitavia 8ft Wide Neptune Range of Greenhouses

As low as €909.00
This Greenhouse is available to order however delivery is delayed until Sept / October due to aluminium shortages and high demand.

The 8ft Wide Neptune Range of Greenhouses - Available in 4 sizes, 2 Colours (Green and Silver) and 3 Glazing options (Standard Horticultural Glass, Toughened Glass and Polycarbonate)

The Neptune (Merkur) – a quality greenhouse, 2.57m (8’5”) wide with a single, sliding door with a simple lever mechanism to hold it in any desired position. Corner plates at both eaves and ridge, together with roof and side braces, give this building improved strength. Available in 4 sizes and with higher eaves (1.35m/4’5”) than usually associated with this type of greenhouse, the Neptune (Merkur) also has the Vitavia standard gutter.

All Neptune (Merkur) models have been approved by the TÜV Standards Authority.

The Neptune Greenhouse Specifications

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