There are numerous benefits to utilizing gas to heat your home, low ongoing operating expenses, energy efficiency. There has never been a better opportunity to learn about the advantages of gas heating since heating can account for up to 40% of your electricity bill. In this blog, we will go over the main reasons for choosing an indoor gas heater for your home.

Environmentally Friendly Gas Heating

A Natural Gas indoor heater will typically have a better efficiency star rating than an electric heater and be more energy efficient. Gas-fired appliances have a track record of lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and natural gas provides a low-emission substitute for coal-fired energy

The Cost-Effectiveness of a Gas Heater

Normally, it will be less expensive to operate a gas heater indoors than an electric one. Gas heating will quickly heat your home and consume a lot less energy than an electric heater because it produces more heat output. A gas heater can be less expensive to operate if you want to leave the heater on all day. The savings will vary based on the cost of gas, the temperature where you live, and other aspects of your home.

Reliable & Quick source of heat

Power spikes or blackouts will not affect you if you use gas heating, and your heater will keep heating your room effectively and efficiently. You will not have to endure the cold while you wait for the heat from your heater to reach you in the room because gas heaters heat up a space more quickly than an electric one. Modern homes frequently have open concept living areas and, for heating large spaces, gas heat is the preferred choice.

Our Options of Gas Heaters:

When choosing a gas heater consider your budget, the design of your house, and the type of gas you can access.


1- The Dynasty Heater with Safety ODS System




The Dynasty Heater with Safety ODS System has a ceramic plate burner, and it is recommended for outdoor use. It is Equipped with Piezo ignition, Works with the GT2220 gas cans from Go System and burns for about an hour and a half on a 227g gas cartridge.

You order the Dynasty gas heater on our website. It is available for click and collect or next day delivery nationwide. 


2- The De Vielle Premium Mobile Gas Heater





The De Vielle Premium Mobile Gas Heater is ideal for small domestic or commercial spaces. With three heat settings (1.4Kw, 2.8Kw, 4.2Kw), a ceramic burner distributes heat in a safer and more concentrated way than a coiled heater. The safety features of the appliance include an oxygen depletion system, a push-button electric ignition system, and flame failure protection. The oxygen depletion system automatically turns the appliance off when a specified amount of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide is produced. It comes complete with regulator, connecting hose and fittings. The De Vielle Premium Gas Heater comes with castors making it easy to be moved.


Click here to order the De Vielle Premium Mobile Gas Heater. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What to do if the gas heater keeps turning off?


Make sure the indoor gas heater is in a room that has good ventilation. If it is not in a well-ventilated room the heater will automatically turn off for safety reasons. Every heater is equipped with a safety feature that will cause it to shut off if it detects too much carbon monoxide in the space. Please give the heater at least 30 minutes to restart if it does go out. The heater will not fire again until the gas/carbon monoxide level has dropped; please not that If you find yourself in situation as described above it does not mean that your heater is faulty, it may be for your own safety.

Also note that, again for safety reasons, please give the gas time to flow through for 30 to 60 seconds before attempting to start the heater.


Q: What Gas cylinders does it required?

It requires Butane 11.3kg Gas cylinders.


Q: Where can I buy a gas heater?

We have gas heaters available for Click & Collect and Next Day Delivery nationwide.