Johnstones Visualise Colour

Choose your colour. Don’t settle for a lighter shade or a similar colour.

Can you visualise what your room looks like with a new lick of paint but can’t source the colour you want?

Now you can select your colour with the new Johnstones Visualise Colour - Mix Your Own Paint.

Try it out and see if it looks how you imagined it.

You can digitally paint your own room by uploading a photo or you can choose from many stock images.

There are so many ways to find the colour you want. Upload an image of the colour you want to match. Try searching for the colour by name or choose from the many shades available in each colour.

Choose Your Colour Image 1

Try shading one part of the room or the paint the whole room. 

Colour Selection Image 2

If it looks good, save the generated code and then return to the Lenehans website. Image 3

Select the type of paint you want, the quantity and enter your generated code. 

Checkout and wait while our team in store mix your perfect colour.