The Importance Of Sugar Soap

For all paint jobs, preparation is key.

With all paint you will find it necessary to first ensure that the area you will be painting is clean, dry and free from oil and grease.

Sugar Soap is a renowned product for use in decor preparation.

Sugar Soap is available in powder or liquid form. It is a detergent that will clean the surface you intend to paint without leaving any residue.

The use of other detergents or not cleaning the required area thoroughly can result in a reaction with the paint which is in itself a big problem.

The image below shows how a reaction with the paint can ruin the completed paint job.

Paint Blisters
Image 1: Paint Blisters

Despite its name Sugar Soap contains no sugar. It takes its name from the fact that as powdered form it looks like sugar granules.


To use Sugar Soap, simply dilute it in warm water. Using a sponge, wash the required surface with the soapy liquid. Once the entire area has been washed go over it again with clean fresh warm water, in order to rinse off the sugar soap and remove the remaining dirt or grease.


Many believe liquid sugar soap to be easier to use. Whereas, if you are doing a big job it can work out cheaper to use powdered Sugar Soap.


There are many other factors to consider when preparing a paint job. The wall may need to be sanded. For example, if there is significant remains of wallpaper paste on the surface. You may need to use a primer even after cleaning the surface thoroughly with Sugar Soap.


Walls and surfaces should always be cleaned before beginning a paint job. Even if they don’t look dirty there could be residue or grease. Sugar Soap is used by the professionals and should be your go to for paint preparation.