Radiator Bleeding


Why bleed a radiator?


Over time pockets of air can become trapped in the pipes of a radiator. This can block the internal flow of the water inside.


This can result in only the bottom half of the radiator warming up and sometimes the whole radiator will remain cold. The trapped air can also cause the radiator to make funny noises and rattling sounds.


What do I need?


If you notice any of the above mentioned signs and there appears to be trapped air in your radiator you will need to bleed the radiator.


To do this you will require a radiator bleeding key. You can find these in store at the plumbing department or online at www.lenehans.ie.


How to bleed a radiator?


To bleed the radiator and release the trapped air simply use your radiator bleeding key on the radiator release valve.


The radiator release valve is found at the top end of your radiator.


Using the key, turn anti-clockwise. Have a container or a cloth ready and to hand to catch any water that might spray out.


You should hear a hissing noise as the trapped air is released.


When the water then starts to dribble out of the valve the circulation is back to normal and the valve should be closed immediately by turning the key back in a clockwise direction.