Himalayan Salt Lamps

Did you ever wonder what a Himalayan Salt Lamp was and why it was so popular?


A Himalayan Salt Lamp looks like a pink rock. Within it is a light bulb. When this is lit up the rock becomes a brilliant, atmospheric pink / orange glow.


What makes these lamps so precious is that they are actually composed of Himalayan Sea Salt mined from deep underground mines. Pink Himalayan sea salt is rich in trace minerals and contains natural mineral electrolytes.


These minerals and electrolytes are the reason these lamps are said to have many health benefits.


One of the main benefits of a salt lamp is their ability to clean the surrounding air. Salt is hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs moisture. In absorbing the moisture from the air, it also absorbs any foreign particles such as dust and bacteria. This alone offers a lot of health benefits. The cleaner, filtered air means easier breathing, reduced allergies and less chance of colds, flu and coughs.

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Salt lamps produce negative ions. One of the reasons that getting out into nature is so healthy for us is that in surrounding ourselves with nature we are surrounding ourselves with negative ions. On the other hand, nowadays we all seem to be overwhelmingly exposed to positive ions. These are emitted from electrical items such as televisions, mobile phones and computers. By now, we are all aware that being around these electromagnetic fields for too long is detrimental to our health. It is for this reason that salt lamps and their negative ions have been said to provide people with a better sleep, to improve moods, reduce stress and increase relaxation. Thus in turn is said to improve focus and concentration.


On top of all of this, a salt lamp also provides a very attractive and unique warm glow to a room. So while considering the lighting of your room, why not also consider the well-being of its inhabitants. A Himalayan Salt Lamp is more than simply a lamp.


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