What are Garden Rakes Used For?


Lawn Rake


A grass rake is both flexible and durable. This is ideal for moving waste, gravel, sand, and soil. This is a multipurpose rake that may be used for a variety of tasks in the garden, including raking leaves, clearing thatch, and levelling a big area before planting. 


Leaf Rake


Designed primarily to rake leaves, as the name implies. The leaf rake is made of plastic and is lightweight. The leaf rake, unlike a metal lawn rake, has thicker tines that prevent leaves from accumulating on them. Leaf rakes are available in a range of sizes and forms, and some are especially designed to make scoping or hauling leaves simple and effective! If you have a yard full of leaves, you'll probably need one of these.


Leaf Grabber


They can easily fit into any hand size and are fun for the whole family to use and participate in. They're great for scraping leaves or trimmings into a small pile before scooping.  They are quite efficient at getting all the garden trash to the proper location without spilling too much. 


Scarifying Rake


Thatch is the accumulation of organic detritus on a badly maintained grass over time. While a little layer of thatch might help your lawn by acting as a natural mulch and protecting the grass, heavy amounts of thatch can cause problems. When this layer develops too thick, the root systems may be unable to receive the moisture, nutrients, and sunlight they require to thrive. It's critical to keep an eye on this and to break up that layer from time to time. The dethatching or scarifying rake will be very helpful here.   Break up debris with the scarifying rake and remove it from the lawn. With its sharp metal blades, this rake will easily chop through stubborn built-up clumps. Allowing your lawn to quickly absorb nutrients and water.


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