How to Keep Birds Away from your Garden

How to Keep Birds Away from Your Garden


The presence of birds in a garden may be both relaxing and fascinating for most gardeners. It's delightful to hear them sing, and they're quite useful in terms of insect management.

However, birds can sometimes turn into pests, causing more harm than good! If you’re sick of seagulls frightening away other animals, or if you’re tired of cleaning up bird droppings from your patio, read our blog!  We will help you to keep unwanted birds off your garden.

  • What are birds most attracted to?

Birds are attracted to a place for a few reasons but the main three are:  food, water, and protection. 

You should avoid leaving food scraps on your outdoor area. Additionally, keep your pet food and water trays inside the house or try make it harder for the bird to access it. In case your garden is full of ripe fruits you also know that this will attract birds. So now that we know what birds are attracted to, let’s move to what can we do to keep them away.

  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

The Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is for noise-sensitive areas – up to 3.000 sq. ft. It can’t be heard by humans, but the carefully targeted ultrasound signal is disruptive to birds and rodents. The pest Clear Ultrasonic Bird and Rodent Repeller has a 360-degree coverage sue to its 8 powerful speakers.  There are separated settings for small birds and mice, or large birds and rats. Click here to view it. 

  • Sonic bird Repeller

The Sonic bird Repeller is recommended for large aeras, is audible at 50 metres. You can choose three repelling sounds to repel large or small birds. The sound level can be adjusted, and a light sensor automatically turns off the sound in hours of darkness. Because this product emits a sound that humans can hear, it is most suitable for farmyards, sheds, warehouses, and open areas where the sound would not cause a nuisance.Click here to view it. 

  • Anti-Bird Spikes

Spikes are simple to install and can be used in a variety of locations, including windowsills, gutter guards, and fences. The spikes will deter larger birds from landing in your garden and soiling it.

They have a long lifespan and are blunt at the points, so they will not cause any harm to birds. Anti-bird spikes are composed of a variety of materials, the most common of which is a translucent polycarbonate that blends in with the surroundings and does not irritate the eyes. Click here to view it. 


  • Reflective Tape

Because birds primarily rely on their eyesight, visual bird repellents are one of the most efficient ways to keep birds off your land and away from your crops and livestock. They do have a sense of smell, but they are significantly more likely to be terrified and detect a visual change in the surroundings than they are to notice a different aroma. Visual bird repellent will help 

Gardeners, chicken owners, and homeowners can all benefit from reflective scare tape. It isn't limited to a single breed of bird or a certain type of problem. Reflective tape is efficient if you want them away from your crops or if you live in the city and want to keep the birds off your outdoor space, so you don't have to clean it all the time. 

The shiny material when in contact with sunlight will emit a metallic sound in wind and that will drive the birds away. 

Wrap a few strips close to your crops or wherever you don't want them close and make sure there is access to sunlight and wind. Click here to view it.


  • Scare Balloon

Scare Eye Balloons are low-cost and efficient visual bird deterrent. They have a predator eye design on a gleaming mirrored surface and they are brightly coloured. The reflective surface and design combine to terrify and confound the birds. Scare balloons can be placed in many locations. To deter birds from using your pool, hot tub, garden furniture, decking areas, crops and many other locations. 

It inflates to 18'' diameter and can be hung anywhere. Click here to view it.


  • Hawk Kite Bird Scarer


Hawk Kits are an easy and effective way to deter nuisance birds from buildings and crops.

The Hawk Kite is an effective deterrent of:

  • Pigeons
  • Starlings
  • Gulls
  • Crows

They will deter flocking birds as well as discourage unwanted feeding and nesting in protected areas.

The Hawk kite is lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant. It is simple to set up and requires only a light breeze to fly. To achieve the best from it, install the hawk kite with a clear view of the affected area, ideally at the highest point of the protected zone. Don’t set it up close power lines. Click here to view it.

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