Wired Or Wireless Doorbell Blog


Traditionally all doorbells were wired.


More recently many people are moving to use wireless doorbells.


What is the difference?


Wired Doorbells


A wired doorbell is as it sounds, a doorbell that is connected by wiring.


This wiring runs through the walls of a house. A doorbell is installed outside of the building and from there a wire connects it to the door chime. These are also wired to a transformer to ensure the doorbell receives the correct amount of electricity.


To wire a doorbell, holes must be drilled in the walls and wires fed through. Most houses tend to already be pre-wired meaning all you need to do is attach your doorbell and chime to the existing wires.


Wireless Doorbells


A wireless doorbell is a doorbell that works without the use of wiring. Instead it runs on batteries.


The wireless doorbell carries a radio transmitter. This transmitter can send a signal to the door chime, which then reacts when it is signalled. This means that your door chime can be moved and positioned anywhere, not limiting it to where it has been wired.


However, this can cause a problem if a nearby neighbour is using an electrical item with the same radio frequency as yourself, for example the same doorbell.  The doorbell may pick up the radio waves sent by your neighbour and cause interference. This is easily manageable as all you need do is change the privacy settings or frequency of your own doorbell transmitter.


Which Doorbell?


Both types of doorbell have their advantages.


A wired doorbell, having been around for so long, most likely has the edge on style.


There is a huge range of bell pushes available, ranging from different designs to different finishes. These can often be tied in to match up with the rest of your door furniture.


A wireless doorbell most likely has the edge on ease of installation and range. Wireless doorbells are still quite new and so designs are still quite simple and basic but you can move the chime wherever you need them and also link up to multiple chimes to allow for even more reach.


Style and traditional over functionality and modern life, each type of doorbell will be around for a long time yet!