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Tec 7 Roof - 5kg

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Tec 7 Roof - 5kg

Roof 7's useful properties include:

  • Unique Roof Repair product formulated with Butyl Rubber for a longer life span,
  • Bitumen for waterproofing and glass fibre for greater strength.
  • Remains Soft and Flexible up to 20 Years After Application.
  • Can be Applied at Temperatures from - 12°C to +50°C, on both Dry and Wet Surfaces, without Dissolving or Flowing off.
  • Coverage - 2kg/m2 per 1.5mm layer
  • For best results a 3mm layer of Roof7 is recommended, please apply in 1.5mm layers,
  • Good Adhesion on: Metal, Galvanised Steel, Zinc, Lead, Copper, Tin, Wood, Insulation, Brick, Concrete, Roofing, Asphalt, Shingles, PVC and Polyester.
  • Available in sizes: 1kg and 5kg

What can YOU do with Tec7 Roof ?

  • Repair of flat and sloping roofs with Bituminous or rubber based (EPDM) roofing materials
  • Sealing of flashings, Valley’s, gutters, roof barges, drain pipes etc.
  • Waterproofing of Foundations and Walls, Flat and Sloping Roofs, Domes, Terraces & Balconies.
  • As Cold Adhesive for Bonding Bituminous Materials (Roofing, Shingles, Currugated Plates).
  • Fixing of Lead Flashings.
  • Immediate sealing of leaking roofs (wet or dry)

Directions for Use:

  • Preparation:Surfaces have to be clean and free from snow and ice.
  • Brush off first.
  • Application:Apply with a brush. Larger repairs can be provided with an extra reinforcement tissue.
  • For filling up joints, we recommend the Tec7 Roof cartridges.
  • Finishing:Smooth down with a filling-knife, moisten with Tec 7- Cleaner.
  • Clean tools with Tec 7- Cleaner.

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