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Tec7 Plumb - Stops Leaks - 750ml.

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What is Plumb?

  • Can be used to repair or stop leaks in open or closed heating systems
  • Prevents and stops leaks fast and effiently
  • Does not clog
  • Simple to use
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Enhances the pump lubrication

Where should you use Plumb?

  • Quickly and permanently stops leaks
  • Remedial action: quickly and permanently stops leaks in radiators, convectors, circulation pumps, central heating pipes and underfloor heating systems etc.
  • Preventative action: ideal to prevent the occurence of leaks

How should you use Plumb?

  • Depressurise the system.
  • Check the water cleanliness, if necessary flush and change the water.
  • Open all radiator valves prior to application
  • Shake Plumb well before use.
  • Add the necessary amount of Plumb to the system through the highest positioned radiator.
  • Run the circulation pump.
  • If necessary bleed the system and bring the water level up to standard.

750ml treats a 75 litre system, approximately 10 to 12 standard radiators

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