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Thompsons Water Seal - 5L

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  • Water seal - protects against rain damage
  • Houses often take a right battering from the elements. That's where Thompson's Water Seal comes in. Once applied, it leaves a long lasting waterproof barrier against rain damage.
  • Uses a unique silicone micro emulsion to stop water penetration
  • You can apply it directly onto damp surfaces
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Reduces the effect of freezing and thawing


  • Brick, stone and plaster


  • This 5L tin will cover about 7min two coats - all depends on the texture & type of surface you're coating

Using Water Seal:

  • Apply using a brush or roller
  • If you're tackling a wall, work in 1m sections from the bottom upwards. Once an area is fully saturated move on to the next section. Don't forget to give those mortar lines a soaking too
  • Make sure you treat the whole wall and not just isolated areas
  • As soon as the first coat has soaked in, you can crack on with the second coat

Dry time:

  • About 2 hours. Again, it all depends on the texture & type of surface you're coating

Clean up:

  • Clean your equipment with warm water and detergent
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