Electronic Pest Control

No-one wants to be bothered by pests or share their home with rodents.

The idea of them running around the home and garden would drive anyone crazy!

Pests are destructive, damaging and unwanted.  They can be harmful and detrimental to human health. Some of the most common pests to be found in homes are cockroaches, insects and rodents. However, people can be visited by all sorts of pests, rodents, insects and animals. Pests can affect us outdoors, aswell as indoors, and are known to damage food crops.



What is Electronic Pest Control?


Electronic pest control is designed to be more humane than previous methods of pest control.

Electronic pest control is now commonly used and is quite affordable. Repelling the insects, rodents, larger animals and birds can help prevent the need for spending money hiring in removal specialists and professionals.

A popular method of electronic pest control is to use ultrasound frequency. This is a method that uses ultrasonic waves, inaudible to humans, to deter and repel pests. The electronic pest control units come with different settings so that you can tune the ultrasonic frequency to focus on a particular group. For example, larger birds, rodents, insects etc.


Electronic pest control frequency

Another option available in the electronic pest control range is the use of sound. This use of sound is used with bird repellers. They emit audible animal noises and distress calls that will deter the birds from lingering in the area. These sounds can be set to repeat every 2 - 10 minutes.

Electronic pest control does not kill the pests and there is no use of chemicals or traps. Depending on the type of electronic repellent you use, these devices can be used to cover whole houses or gardens and as they simply repel and don’t kill the pests there is no unpleasant cleaning up job for you.

These pest repellers are safe around children and most of them will not affect household pets. There is one Electronic Pest Repeller that we stock called the Pestclear Outdoor Pest Repeller that is designed to deter cats and dogs and other animals such as badgers and rabbits. This is designed to keep nuisance pests out of your garden, but if you own a household pet this would not be the item for you! The Defenders Mega Sonic Cat Repeller also send out an ultra sonic frequency that does not affect humans and other wildlife but is targeted for cats and will make them feel uncomfortable.

For the other pest repellers like the Pestclear 1000, Pestclear 2500 and the Pestclear 4000, the ultrasonic sound frequency is much higher than the range of hearing for humans and non-rodent pets, like cats & dogs and so they will not be affected. Though, if you keep a rodent pet it would be wise to move them to a room that is not affected by the pest repeller.

Our Bird Repellers are available in the Ultrasonic (silent) frequency - The Pestclear Bird & Rodent Repeller - and also with sound effects that scare the birds away - The Pestclear Sonic Bird Repeller. Birds can be a real pest to many but especially to those who are trying to protect crops.

Electronic pest control can even go as far as training your pet dog! The Pestclear Ultrasonic Dog Repeller and Sonic Training Aid will help you scare away big dogs if you are a delivery person, a jogger or you just have a fear of dogs. It can also be used to teach your dog between good and bad behaviour.

Electronics are a great new technology, however they can be limited if you don't have a power source in the vicinity. This is why Pestclear invented the Pestclear Solar Power Kit, allowing you to power your electronic pest repellers with the sun.


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