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Should a greenhouse be in the sun or the shade

Some plants like to be in the shade. But most plants love the sun, even when it gets hot outside. The sun is another important factor needed to grow healthy plants at home. The greenhouse's thermal mass provides insulation and keeps its...
Why is it better to grow plants in a greenhouse

Growing plants in a greenhouse is much more efficient than growing them outdoors. They also allow you to control the environment inside of the greenhouse. It is more effective, less expensive, easier to maintain and there are no risks involved...
Is it worth it to get a greenhouse

The demand for greenhouse growing is high, and increasing rapidly. A greenhouse is a room built specifically for growing plants. They are usually made in an enclosed space with glass walls and ventilation. The plants are kept moist and...
I want to order a Greenhouse, but I have a few questions around delivery and installation?
When you order a Greenhouse from Lenehans, the following happens:
Firstly, you will receive an automatic email from us, detailing your greenhouse order and your shipping address.  As soon as this happens, your greenhouse is ordered from the...
How to Prepare the ground for a low Threshold Glasshouse?
As with all greenhouses the ground should be flat, level and stable. You can opt for patio slabs, sleepers or fully concrete foundations. If you wish to have beds or grass inside the greenhouse you will need to have a solid foundation around the perimeter...
Do any of your polycarbonate greenhouses come already made or are they all flat packed?
All of our greenhouses are flat packed.
can a greenhouse be installed on a concrete floor?
Yes, greenhouses can be installed on a concrete foundation. A long as the surface is stable and level it will be suitable. It is also recommended that in order to maintain the stability of the greenhouse frame and ensure the smooth operation of the sliding...
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