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Dosco Junior Stiff Nylon Wooden Handled Brush

Watch our video and find out more about the Dosco Nylon Soft Brush. 

Ideal for use on wooden and polished floors. Tough wooden handle. Not suitable for heavy duty use.  Best recommended for indoor surfaces. 
Indoor Sweeping brush

Learn more about the Indoor Sweeping brush by watching our video. 

A great wide range of sweeping brushes for all purposes. A variety of sizes and bristle styles to suit everyone's needs. Great for every day use mainly inside...
Dosco Path Nylon Brush & Timber Handle 10.5"

Watch our video to know more about purpose of the Dosco Path Nylon Brush & Timber Handle 10.5". 

Nylon path brush head Stiff bristles, recommended for use outdoors or in the garden
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