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How Can You Tell If a Lighter is Refillable?
Refillable lighters have a valve at the bottom of the tank designed to receive fuel.

How effective are Draught excluders?
It has been proven that installing a draught excluder on front doors, back doors, or windows can minimize heat loss by up to 30% in extreme circumstances, with average savings of 10% to 20%.
How do I install a insulating glazing film?
1- To install an insulating glazing film you should first clean your hands. 2- Wash glass and dry thoroughly using a clean cloth. 3- Clean window frame thoroughly removing dust and grease. 4- Cut adhesive tape to lengths required and apply...
What chemicals are used in the Rentokil insect spray?
This product contains  Permethrin 0.46% and d-Allethrin 0.13%.

In addition here is a link to the manufacturers product data sheet, this will provide all the information regarding ingredients:
Can you paint your radiator covers ?
Yes, the radiator covers can be painted to match your decor.
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