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What is PestClear Outdoor Pest Repeller Used For
PestClear is the most powerful outdoor pest repeller on the market. With an amazing 4 SPEAKERS, this product packs a punch that will repel whatever animal is causing you problems. There are separate settings for small, medium and large animals. ...
What is Solar power kit used for?
The Solar Kit can be used with all PestClear and PestStop outdoor pest repellers.
What's the difference between the 3 Indoor Pest Repellers.

The 1000 Covers 1,000 sq.ft.
in a single infested area. Locate in an open area and position the product so that it can be seen from most of the room. It’s a Plug in ultrasonic pest repeller, specifically targetted to repel mice...
What's the difference between Pest Clear Sonic bird repeller and Ultrasonic bird repeller
PesClear Sonic Repeller emits a sound that humans can hear, it is most suitable for farmyards, sheds, warehouses, and open areas where the sound would not cause a nuisance.

FOR LARGE AREA – Audible at 50 metresChoice of three...
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