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How do you use citric acid for cleaning?

Citric Acid is part of the non-toxic 'Clean and Natural' Range and is a descaler that’s made of natural acid found in citrus fruits. By keeping appliances free of limescale, less electricity is required to operate them and they will have a longer service life. Citric Acid can be used as a substitute for white vinegar. It's also better for the environment as it's using less plastic and you're not paying for the water that makes up 94-96% of the volume.

Suggested Uses

  • Dishwasher rinse aid

  • Dishwashers

  • Drains

  • Glass & Mirrors

  • Limescale removal

  • Microwave ovens

  • Pre wash stain removal

  • Taps

  • Tiles

  • Toilet bowls

  • Toilets exterior

  • Washing machines

Directions of Use 

Limescale forms on heating elements and surfaces due to calcium salts in hard water. This increases running costs and shortens the life of the appliance. Clean regularly with citric acid to keep appliances limescale free.

General Cleaner: 

Dissolve 40g in 500ml water & put in a trigger spray bottle as an acid-based cleaner (like white vinegar)

Washing machines: 

Use only on machines with stainless steel drums. Add the full contents to the empty machine. Run the machine at 60°C.


Fill the detergent tablet container with Citric Acid, add the rest of the packet to the base of the empty machine. Then run the machine on a normal wash programme.


Half fill the kettle with water and boil. Unplug, add approx. 1/3 of the packet and leave for 15mins. Rinse thoroughly. Wipe down the outside of the kettle. Wipe up any spills immediately.


Check if descaling is recommended by the manufacturer. Unplug the iron. Prepare a solution of two tablespoons of Citric Acid in hot water to half fill the iron. Hold iron over sink and switch on steam. Refill with fresh water and flush through, (incl. the spray) until clear. Check by ironing an old piece of fabric. Also suitable for descaling showerheads, coffee machines, baby bottle sterilisers and other appliances.

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